Friday, 3 September 2010

#eurobike report - Marzocchi prototypes

The 888 forks have prototype titanium nitrate coated stanchions. What is really cool about these as TiN coatings are usually only applied to steel, what Marzocchi have done is Nickel plate the stanchion (stock fork is Nickel), polish it, than have the TiN coating applied. Obviously this is an expensive process so the stanchions may well be introduced as a ‘works’ kit upgrade for 2011 then maybe production for 2012?

The benefit of using TiN coated stanchions is they will be more resilient to stone chips as well as low in friction –the low friction action of these triple eights had to be felt to be believed.

The coloured stanchions are hard anodised with a coloured die added – these may or may not be offered depending on reaction.