Friday, 19 February 2010

RECALL NOTICE: FSA Gossamer BB30 Crankset

Important: This post was originally dated November 19th 2010.

Full Speed Ahead (FSA) has received reports that the bolt shoulder on the non-drive Gossamer BB30 series crankarms can crack and break if the installer exceeds the recommended torque specification while tightening the crankbolt. If the bolt shoulder is cracked or damaged in any way, the crank arm can potentially loosen, allowing the rider to lose control and fall.
In the United States, this voluntary recall is being handled in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), while for the rest of the world FSA is managing the recall program through the Service Centers and Distributors network.
Only certain serial numbers are affected. Gossamer BB30 non-drive crank arms that are subject to recall have serial numbers beginning with 10B, 10C, and 10D.

We ask to all FSA Distributors to inform Dealers in order to inspects their inventory of bicycles with Gossamer BB30 crankset preassembled as OEM equipment.
It is also requested that dealers contact customers who may have purchased bicycles with Gossamer BB30 cranksets installed. Bicycles with non-drive crank arms subject to recall should not be ridden until a replacement non-drive crank arm has been installed.

The replacement crankarm full availability will be starting from December, 1st.
Owners in Europe and Asia can get their replacement crankarm via the official FSA Distributors or FSA Europe directly.
The installation of the new crankarm must be done following the new BB30 Alloy Road Crankset Installation Instructions here enclosed.
Please read with attention the US and Europe Recall document here attached to get all information about the list of bicycle models affected by the recall.

We need you important help to provide our customers the best service and assistance in case of replacement part.

To receive replacement non-drive crankarms and for other questions, please contact Full Speed Ahead Europe.

Dealer Gossamer BB30 Crankarm_EUROPE Recall.pdf Download this file

Dealer Gossamer BB30 Crankarm_US Recall.pdf Download this file

ZS032-FSA_Road_BB30_Crankset_English_20100906v6.pdf Download this file