Thursday, 28 May 2015

My bikes: Cannondale Delta V 2000 1993

back in 1993 I bought a Cannondale Delta V (92 model) from Peter Darke Cycles in Sunderland, this was a fantastic looking bike but this was the early days of full suspension and the rear end bobbed somewhat ...

I kept the bike for a while but decided to move it on to go back to a rigid M600.

Moving forward to 2014 I spotted a top-of-the-range Delta V2000 1993 model frameset for sale on All things Bikes and I decided it would make a great addition to sit alongside my M800 Beast Of The East

Spec as follows:

Bar: Ritchey Force Lite NOS
Shifters/ levers: XT
Grips: Onza
Seat Post: Ritchey Logic
Saddle: Flite Titanium
Brakes: XTR
F Mech: XTR
R Mech: XTR
Chain & cassette: BBB
Chainset: XT
Pedals: BBB
Wheels: Ritchey with DX hubs
Tyres: Ritchey > Updated to Panaracer Smoke and Dart

Updated with Panaracer Smoke and Dart


  1. Did the decals come stock with the bike?

  2. Hi from Denver, Colorado! I just got a 92 delta V2000, it only came as a frame and fork. My 14 year old Son wanted a project to build. He loves my 91 SE 1000. my SE1000, i just got back from a relative who took it from me way back---14 years ago. She stuffed it in her garage in Aspen. never touched. i love that Bike. The se1000, is a SUNDAY driver. and when the Delta is done it will be a Sunday driver for him. or he will hang it on his bedroom wall as art. The Delta 2000, in 92 was over $ 2,200. i couldn't afford it. but dreamed of it. thanks for your post. not much on the bike because it was before the internet. i may get another bike on craigslist and strip it, and put it on the delta. the paint isn't too bad. i may get it powder coated and new decals though. Thanks Bob

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for the message! its awesome to hear your story and your passion for this model, when its done please share some images! cheers Dan

  3. Gorgeous bike! I have a Delta V1000 I'm attempting to replace the Headshok with a standard 1 1/8 fork. My LBS ordered the Problem Solvers reducers but only the top fit and we think the Headshok cup sizing changed at some point. Any advice?