Wednesday, 24 April 2013

2014 Marzocchi 380 C2R2 fork and Moto

Marzocchi recently presented their new downhill fork and shock at the Sea Otter Classic, here is an introduction by Marzocchi's Simone Bassi via

380 C2R2
The “380” is Marzocchi’s all new flagship downhill model and brings together 2 years of racing development to produce Mazocchi’s modest advanced racing suspension fork to date.

The hart of the 380 is the new semi-closed C2R2 Dynamic Bleed Cartridge, this is a high-end evolution of the already market proven CR damper which is in turn derived from Marzocchi’s motorcross technology. 

note: tape was just to cover the oil 'ejection' port, so it didn't squirt anybody!
The cartridge features a one-way seal at the base to allow oil to enter and a flow hole at the top to expel any excess, keeping the cartridge always at the optimum oil level. At the top of the oil chamber is a compensator piston that works against a small coil spring, when the internal pressure becomes too high, the oil compresses the compensator piston exposing the flow hole and the excess oil is expelled. This design keeps the oil flowing through the fork to help lubrication (like an open bath design) and keeps the air outside the cartridge for more precise damping control and to eliminate cavitation (like a closed).

Damping is controlled via a new three stage compression circuit with separately adjustable high and low speed compression and high and low speed rebound adjusters. The compression group can be removed from the cartridge with the cartridge and fork still installed to the bike, making track-side damping modifications a possibility.

Stanchions are 38mm internally tapered with Nickel plating. The Nickel plating actually strengthens the alloy stanchions by 30% enabling the stanchions to be made lighter for the same given strength.
The new lower crown is machined hollow saving 40g over the existing 888 crown.

crown is cut-away to show the hollow cavity 
New lowers have been designed to be both 26” and 650b compatible and feature a new flattened arch to increase stiffness and save weight. The axle pinch bolts now use a replaceable alloy insert to prevent damage to the lower leg by over tightening.  The axle itself is now internally tapered (saving 30g) and features a key way on one end meaning you only need one tool undo it.

Travel: 200mm
Weight: 2850g/ 6.28lbs
Damping: C2R2 Dynamic Bleed Cartridge
Adjustment: High and low speed compression, high and low speed rebound , pre-load
Spring: Titanium coil, K5.5
Stanchions: 38mm nickel plated, internally butted.
Steerer: Tapered or 1”1/8 AH
Axle: 20mm taperwall

Moto 380 C2R rear shock
The goal for the Moto shock was to produce one of the lightest and most adjustable long travel coil shocks on the market. 
Weighing in at just 369g (241 x 77mm, no spring or reducers) the Moto uses a unique one piece alloy 14mm shaft and head, not only does this eliminate the weak spot (in all shocks) it saves weight also. Damping is controlled via separate high and low speed compression adjusters with the complete compression group designed to be easily removable for tuning.

The moto also features externally adjustable low speed rebound damping with the possibility to internally adjust the high speed rebound circuit.

Size: 267 x 89mm, 241 x 76mm, 222 x 70mm.
Weight: 369g (241 x 77mm no spring or hard ware)
Adjustment: External high and low speed compression, low speed rebound + high speed rebound via shim setting, pre-load.

Availability September 2013


  1. Nice!

    What about 44 or 55 series, will they be redesigned as well? It would be nice to see Marzo coil fork a la new RS Pike :)

  2. Your going to have to wait until Eurobike....