Friday, 22 November 2013

Top 10 mountain biking moments

Here are my personal top 10 mountain biking moments, not in any particular order...

The 90's... We had a massive group of friends, we rode every day and everywhere... good times
 Afan 2006: My friend Paul and I went to Wales for a days riding and discovered 'Whites Level'...
2007 Cortina: This was a Marzocchi press trip to Cortina, lots of great riding in the Dolomites. I'll always remember getting technique tips from 'Dangerous Momo'... legend! 
 2009 Suisse Normade: Riding all day in and around the river Orne in glorious weather.
2010 Les Duex Alpes: Our road trip to the Pass Portes was extended to Les Duex Alpes. Riding in the Alpes is very special and Les Deux Alpes was just amazing.
2011 Suisse Normande: Riding with your friends is the best and my friends are the best.
2012 Les Gets: Ripping for fun, clear sky's and dusty trails. 
 2012 Pass Portes: probably the best I have ever ridden, technically and fitness wise. The feeling of completing it well ahead of schedule was utterly euphoric.
 2013 QECP: Riding enduro trails with my 11 year old son was a special day, proper mountainbiking.
 Bikes: Above it all I just love bikes and the Mountain Cycle San Andreas is just a bit special

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